Medical Imaging


Ultrasound System – S-Detect™ for Breast is AI based software which analyzes breast lesions using ultrasound images, and has been implemented into Samsung’s ultrasound systems dedicated to Radiology. It assists in standardizing reports and classification of suspicious breast lesions by incorporating BIRADS® ATLAS* (Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System, Atlas)

Digital Radiography

Premium mobile digital radiography system iQuia™ GM85 provides advanced driving experience and advanced applications to support enhanced usability and high image quality.

Compact & Light

The Ultra-compact, Ultra-light iQuia™ GM85 allows access to anywhere, even in narrow hallways or tight spaces. Its light weight also allows easy maneuvering both in and out of elevators without worrying about the weight limit.


AmRad™ Medical x-ray systems are developed, assembled and integrated in America. The majority of our systems are manufactured in our Niles, Illinois facility.

Each AmRad™ Medical system can be configured to create the right system for your specific needs.

Our ISO 13485 certified facility is located in Niles, Illinois, U.S.A. and has been supplying diagnostic imaging systems for more than 30 years.

Portable CT

Two-thirds of CT scans obtained in the PICU were portable because of patients’ intensity of therapy and illness severity. Portable CT showed major new pathology in greater than 1/3 and led to a change in management in 1/4 of higher acuity patients scanned. The estimated radiation dose from portable CT is within the current national guidelines

Handheld Wireless Ultrasound

Through the use of mobile technology, Healcerion strives to bring affordable, high-quality medical care to clinical and remote locations around the world.

Healcerion offers a mobile-based ultrasound system that is specifically designed to provide physicians and patients with flexibility and portability. With our experience in emergency medicine and related medical fields, our team understands the importance of accurate, timely diagnostic testing results and actionable information. We are committed to delivering this information to ensure superior patient care and increased satisfaction for both patients and healthcare providers.

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