Ophthalmic Equipment

Auto Refractors / Keratometers

A small, lightweight full auto ref-keratometer achieving one-touch automatic measurement in both eyes. Measurements at minimum 2.0mm pupil diameter.

In a compact body, a variety of new features. A full auto non-contact tonometer combined with pachymeter


A Fully Automatic, Non Contact Tonometer combined with a Pachymeter. The TX-20P is a multi-functional ophthalmic instrument that measures IOP and Central Corneal Thickness and then automatically calculates the corrected IOP.

Digital Retinal Camera

Auto Switching from anterior eye observation to fundus observation .Auto Focus and Auto Shot. Auto Shot Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) mode. Digital mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal camera. Contrast Enhancement. Opacity Suppression. Anterior IR photography

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